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  • Civil Law

    Civil Law

    Not sure about the owner of the asset?Is it a Dispute? We are here to help you!

    Civil law comprises of substantive and procedural law, Civil Court Cases both in the High Court and Lower Courts, Quasi-Judicial Authorities like the Commissioners, Registrars etc. Civil law also includes drafting of Write Petitions challenging any orders and Documents comprising of Legal Notice, Police Complaint, Court Complaint, Suit, Plaint, Petition, Reply, Written Statement, Rejoinder, Replication, Affidavit, Application, Settlement, Agreement, Memorandum of Settlement (MOU), Family Settlement, Will, Gift Deed, Partition Deed, Adoption Document, Custody Settlement, etc.
    Our firm specializes in Constitutional matters, i.e. Write Petitions challenging the vires of any Act, Rules or Regulations enacted thereunder. Also matters under the Maharashtra Prohibition Act, 1949 pertaining to the sale of liquor or any intoxicants.